Worker on Leave After Project Veritas Accuses Him of Selling CRT Materials to Georgia Schools – The Daily Beast

A nonprofit employee who sells curriculum to teachers in Georgia was placed on administrative leave this week after a bizarre sting operation accused him of saying he sold material containing critical race theory to Atlanta-area school districts—which would be illegal in Georgia. Project Veritas, the far-right group known for making secret recordings and posting them online, released an edited video of Quintin Bostic allegedly confessing to selling CRT materials. Conservative lawmakers banned any material relating to critical race theory in a series of laws passed last year. In statements to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, both school districts in question—Fulton and Cobb counties—denied purchasing material from Bostic. Despite this, Bostic’s employer—the Washington D.C. nonprofit Teaching Lab—placed him on administrative leave this week, while also claiming the published video was “deceptively produced and edited.”

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