Utah school officials caught in video pushing woke curriculum – Washington Examiner

A video was released on Friday revealing Utah public school teacher specialists, officials and consultants describing how they teach critical race theory, gender pronouns and use Planned Parenthood‘s curriculum.

In the video, Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette is heard talking to Letitia Vigil, a teacher specialist, telling him that school officials help teachers “front load some of those lessons” that might be considered “CRT or white privilege” by helping them figure out “how to name things” and “talk about things.”


Teacher specialist Katrina Kennedy described her frustration that teachers can’t legally ask for pronouns, but said she “still did” and that other high school teachers in the English departments continued to do so as well.

Michelle Love-Day, a consultant for the Jordan School District, who describes herself as a “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) educator” in her Instagram bio, shared in the video how there are “loopholes” around parental opt-outs.

“Cultural diversity specialists go out and talk to students about ‘What is Diversity?’ ‘What is a micro-aggression?’ especially at the middle school level. Even with the national pushback of the craziness, our board was supportive, and our superintendent continually supported it,” said Love-Day.

Several of the people in the video referenced how they used Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) during teaching.

Guillette, a former executive of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas organization, called SEL “often but not always, a Trojan horse to push the principles of Critical Race Theory.”

“When parents speak out against [SEL] and demand a different curriculum for their child, they often get deceived,” according to the Accuracy in Media president.

Sarah Roberts, Executive Director of Instructional Leadership For Elementary for the Ogden School District, explained in the video how a parent who wanted their child to opt out of the SEL curriculum would get an “alternative curriculum,” however, that the curriculum still meets the same objectives as the SEL curriculum due to state laws.

“We have an SEL curriculum in every school, and that is a state expectation. Even with that ‘woke’ curriculum, so I came up with an alternate curriculum for that child — it is still an SEL curriculum,” she said.

For parents who object to the curriculum, Roberts said there is a procedure “where anybody could challenge a book” but called the process “really, really, horribly hard.”

Accuracy in Media captured Katie Ieremia, Director of Professional Development of Salt Lake City Schools, elaborating on the parental appeal process as being “pretty strict” and “difficult.” The process required parents and students to have read the “entire book” and then they would have to meet with the committee of parents, teachers, administrators and district officials to talk about the book.

The video captured Ieremia saying that the American Federation of Teachers “have a curriculum that they bring in” through trainers “trained on social justice and NEA programs about that.”

She shared that the school district has a “very close partnership with Planned Parenthood” and the organization comes speak to students “all the time.”

“Not just do they have curriculum in our classrooms but the Planned Parenthood people come in and speak to our high schools and junior high schools,” she said.


She went on to say that they don’t tell the parents, but that they do publish on their website “all of the resources they use … and anybody can look at any time.”

The video from Accuracy Media was released on Friday after the organization released other videos earlier in the week of another investigation of school administrators admitting similar claims in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.

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