Most parents and taxpayers have no idea just how dismal our ROI for public education really is. For reading, in 4th grade it is 35.34% proficient. 8th grade it is 33.58% proficient. 12th grade it is only 37% proficiency. So, our kids are in school more than 12 years and all we can get is 37%? That means more than 60% are barely getting by.

For math, it is even worse. By the time they get to 12th grade, math proficiency is at only 25%. That means 75% of students are not passing math – yet, they somehow get to graduate!

Despite this, year after year, our government extorts money out of every property owner (kids or not) and forces us to send our kids to these highly inefficient, very ineffective and often dangerous government day camps, where our kids are sitting ducks for God only knows WHAT will happen to them – all the while, they aren’t learning.

We MUST take back our kids, our money and our educational opportunities!