‘My sister-in-law asked me to quit my job to homeschool her son – I refused’ – The Mirror

A man who loves his job as a teacher says he was left utterly astonished after his sister-in-law asked him to give up the career he’s devoted himself to for several years. Instead, the sister-in-law wanted him to homeschool her six-year-old son, as she herself apparently doesn’t trust ‘the public school system’.

Somewhat ‘taken aback’ by his sister-in-law’s request, he reminded her that he was a professional teacher, and such a situation just wouldn’t be appropriate. He doesn’t have the credentials required to homeschool her nephew and is furthermore uncomfortable with the responsibility that teaching another person’s child full-time would entail.

He doesn’t want to give up his own career goals to teach his nephew full-time (Stock Photo)
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Unfortunately, his sister-in-law wasn’t best pleased by this response and has been giving him the ‘cold shoulder’ ever since.

Taking to Reddit, where he goes by the username u/Unknown6829715562, the fed-up teacher wrote: “She’s also been complaining to my family about my decision, saying that I am being ‘selfish’ and ‘not thinking of others’. She even went as far as accusing me of not caring about her son’s education and not being a good uncle.”

He continued: “I understand that she wants the best for her child and that she is concerned about the public school system, but I don’t think it is fair or reasonable for her to expect me to give up my career and homeschool her child.

“I’ve tried to explain to her that there are many other options available for homeschooling and that she should explore them, like a private school, or hiring a certified homeschool teacher.”

Not wanting people to think he doesn’t care about his young nephew’s education, the 35-year-old teacher offered to help out with necessary research and is also happy to advise on matters such as curriculums and learning materials. Unfortunately, she’s not having any of it, and he’s now found himself in a bit of a tricky situation.

Although he doesn’t want to offend his sister-in-law, he also doesn’t feel he should give up on his own career goals just to avoid upsetting her.

One fellow Reddit user advised: “You are not hurting her feelings. Stop worrying about that. She is attempting to manipulate you. Was she planning on paying you more than you make as a teacher?”

Another commented: “I can tell that she was either expecting you to do it for free or for less than she’d have to pay for daycare. It’s absolutely ridiculous. You can discuss with anyone she’s complained to that you do care very much about your nephew’s education, which is why you recommended he go to an actual school.”

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