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I am a recent graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a resident of Garland in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I’m perplexed by this article.

The school districts in the metroplex are radically secular. My kids in public schools are encouraged to explore alternative sexuality—they shouldn’t even be exposed to sexuality, let alone LGTBQ+—and to assume all of the traditional history they’ve heard is a form of white oppression of nonwhites.

The public school system in Dallas-Fort Worth in no way holds a “neutral” position on spiritual matters and is staunchly anti-Christian; all other religions are welcome. Furthermore, I don’t know what your stance on critical theory is, but even reasonable atheists consider it to be a form of Marxism—see James Lindsay’s Cynical Theories.

I have no affiliation with Patriot Mobile and only learned of them in your article today, but I thank God for them. Unless Christians engage in supporting school board candidates who hold a biblical worldview, any remaining Christian influence in public schools will be totally wiped away.

A member of my Sunday school class at First Baptist Church in Garland is a teacher in Richardson Independent School District—one of the most secular in Dallas-Fort Worth—and he will attest that there is an active movement within the school system from the top down to isolate students from the “traditional,” “racist,” “bigoted” ideologies of their parents, and to train them, not to discern or judge different ideologies, but to adopt secular ideologies—such as: you can choose your identity; gender is fluid and nonbinary; marriage is between who/whatever “loves” someone/thing else; all knowledge claims are power grabs; and truth is relative. Such beliefs are not compatible with a basic biblical worldview.

Mike Grammer
Garland, Texas

I urge you to print the whole story about abortion and the need for women to have available the full means for necessary medical care, including access to abortion in proven situations.

As leaders of the right-to-life movement have learned since the decision to abolish the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade, the issues related to women’s health in conjunction with pregnancy are not as simple as those advocates want to believe.

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The medical experts have clearly shown that eliminating all abortions is not a scientifically acceptable solution in today’s world.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, abortion is essential for people’s health, safety and well-being, as well as essential to health care in general. Its website has lots of material about the need for and the science related to medical and surgical abortions.

That side of the story and the facts about it need to be published by publications like the Baptist Standard.

Bob Coleman
Dallas, Texas

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