Letter: School vouchers wrongly give away public money – Standard-Examiner

Our state legislature is considering a voucher or ” scholarship” of $8000 per child to be provided to those who choose for whatever personal reason they have to put their children in private schools or to home-school their own children.

I wish I’d thought of that.

I could have spent my career home-schooling my brothers 8 children and my own child and made $72,000 a year. Without having to earn any credentials. Without having to follow any core standards. With no oversight. Able to teach any values, good or bad, I chose.

Instead I did what the public, including private school supporters and home-schoolers, in the form of voters required me to do in order to teach children. I earned a degree and a license. I earned enough credits to be subject certified. But instead of 9 children in a home-school, I taught 200 more or less every year and never made $72,000 a year. The state and my local district provided standards on what I should teach, and often, how to teach. If I accidentally misspoke or, heaven forbid, swore, I was in trouble. Every student and most parents scrutinized every assignment I gave, the materials I used, every word I said, even my tone of voice. I even could get corrected for things I didn’t do like not saying hello to a student in the hall so he thought I didn’t like him. Or accused of teaching critical race theory when I didn’t or teaching kids to be gay which I couldn’t or teaching kids to hate America which I’d never.

As a public school teacher I was held to the highest standards. I was expected to be an example for all and an expert in my subject. And there were many consequences for mistakes. As it should be. The public should expect no less for their money and our children deserve the best.

Enough said. Please do not allow public money to be used for private purposes.

Donald Carper



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