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PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) — A legal battle is unfolding over the deadly Oxford High School mass shooting tragedy. Attorneys for victims’ families want to send lawsuits to trial, despite governmental immunity being argued by the school district.

Today, attorneys involved on both sides of a matter seeking to hold district employees accountable for the deadly mass shooting in November 2021 discussed the merits of their cases.

Ven Johnson, who represents families told the judge, “They had all of these signs. Drawings. Emails. Showing Ethan was looking at disturbing video of bullets. Sending him down to the office and not engaging the principal, security, or Sheriff’s liaison.”

In opposition, we heard School District attorney Tim Mullins argue, “No defendant provided Ethan with a gun. No defendant caused Ethan to bring the gun to school. No defendant caused Ethan to plan and premeditate this murder. No defendant caused Ethan to carry out this plan.”

Mullins has asked for a dismissal of the suit. He says it fails to meet the necessary standard of both gross negligence and being the most “immediate proximate cause.”

He added, “Ethan never said to anyone with the school district that he threatened anybody else. The plaintiffs’ injuries were caused by Ethan Crumbley. His actions were most immediate, efficient, and direct cause of injury. He knows he’s got a gun. He knows he’s using a gun and going to shoot a gun.”

Battling back, Johnson told a judge that case law supports his side.

“Everybody bears responsibility and the jury gets to make the determination who’s more responsible than others,” said Johnson.

Johnson added that school employees failed to check a backpack that had a gun inside, and ignores warnings.

The decision on whether or not the case goes forward now rests with a judge.

“She’s a mother so she sympathizes with what we’re going through. She doesn’t understand and couldn’t imagine it. It was important for her to let us know that and we appreciate that,” said Buck Myre, father of victim Tate Myre.

The judge told both sides she will issue a decision in writing soon. Regardless of the outcome, either side is expected to appeal to the state court of appeals.

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