Fox host says teachers are “poisoning” and “trying to destroy … – Media Matters for America

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): We had a show on Friday where an undercover operation went into a school district, or several, in Ohio and caught teachers confessing that they’re teaching CRT and lying to the media about it, lying to parents about it. Saying they use code words to get around it, saying they trick the parents, saying they’re slow walking it, baby stepping. The next thing you know CRT is everywhere. And you have to look out as a parent for code words — if they have a “wellness officer” at the school. They don’t use things like CRT if they say, “A class is about belonging.” That’s what you got to look out for.

And a lot of these teachers, they’re fighting a proxy war against the parents. They’re poisoning the children to get back at the parents. Maybe the teachers have daddy issues. Maybe they’re uncomfortable in their own skin. But, they hate the country, they hate the patriarchy and so, they’re just trying to destroy these children to make themselves feel better. It’s actually being a bully because they’re going after the kids. 

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