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Both liberal and conservative parents said they felt “villainized” by their kid’s school, after educators socially transitioned their child’s gender without their consent. Over 50 parents, including those who supported their child’s new gender identity, sounded off to the New York Times over schools intentionally leaving parents out of the discussion. “But dozens of parents whose children have socially transitioned at school told The Times they felt villainized by educators who seemed to think that they — not the parents — knew what was best for their children. They insisted that educators should not intervene without notifying parents unless there is evidence of physical abuse at home,” the report read. Parents told the paper that schools treated them like the enemy for just asking questions. BIDEN’S GENDER TRANSITION PROPOSAL CEMENTS SCHOOL-TO-CLINIC PIPELINE “Although some didn’t want their children to transition at all, others said they were open to it, but felt schools forced the process to move too quickly, and that they couldn’t raise concerns without being cut out completely or having their home labeled ‘unsafe,’” the report added. The Biden administration has proposed changes to Title IX to include protections against sex-based discrimination that includes gender identity. This means schools would not have to notify parents before socially transitioning their child’s gender, critics say. Both liberal and conservative parents raised concerns about schools leaving them out of such an important decision in their child’s life. One woman whose daughter was socially transitioned to male without her knowledge, said she didn’t agree with GOP legislation on this topic but “she also felt as though her school’s policy left no room for nuance.” A WASHINGTON MOM CLAIMS HER SCHOOL TRIED TO ‘TRANSITION’ HER TEN-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER BEHIND HER BACK “It is almost impossible to have these discussions,” Mrs. Bradshaw told the Times. “There is no forum for someone like me.” Other liberal parents revealed they even changed their political party over the concern. “Other self-described liberal parents said they registered as independents or voted for Republican candidates for the first time as a result of this issue. Although they haven’t sued, some have retained lawyers affiliated with the largest legal organization on the religious right to battle their children’s schools,” the Times report read. One mother with self-described “extremely liberal” views, tearfully told the paper how she felt trapped by the position her child’s school put her in. PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL DISTRICT ENCOURAGING TEACHERS TO NOT DISCLOSE STUDENTS’ GENDER IDENTITY TO PARENTS “It’s just been such a hard thing to navigate, because on the one hand, I’m dealing with my very extreme liberal values of individuality, freedom, expression, sexuality, wanting to support all of this stuff,” the mother said. “At the same time, I’m afraid of medicalization. I’m afraid of long term health. I’m afraid of the fact that my child might change their mind.” The Times noted how the issue even garnered support from a transgender psychologist who filed an amicus brief on behalf of parents suing a Maryland school district. Dr. Erica Adams told the Times, “I don’t want to be erased as a transgender person, and I don’t want anyone’s prerogatives or identity to be taken away from them…but on this one, I’m aligned with people who are willing to advocate for parents.” School districts across the country, from Arizona to Pennsylvania, have been embroiled in controversy after they were caught directing teachers to secretly transition students’ gender without informing parents. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Parents’ rights groups have blasted these school policies for “deceiving” parents. “Schools only have authority over children because their parents delegate that authority,” Parents Defending Education Director of Outreach Erika Sanzi previously told Fox News Digital. “Parents give permission for the school to administer Tylenol or use their child’s photo on a flyer. It is a complete betrayal of trust for a school to withhold information and deliberately deceive parents about their child’s gender identity at school, a much more consequential issue than taking Tylenol,” she added. But the A.C.L.U. said it was unconstitutional for schools to reveal a child’s gender identity to anyone, including parents. An A.C.L.U. lawyer defending a school district from a lawsuit advised parents put their kids in private school or homeschool them if this is a concern. “Angry parents can put their child in private school or home-school them,” said an A.C.L.U. lawyer, Jon Davidson, to the outlet. “Parents don’t have a constitutional right to dictate to schools how they should create an optimal learning environment for students,” he said, according to the report. Fox News’ Landon Mion contributed to this report.

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