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UNC forward Armando Bacot addresses the media before Saturday’s home game against NC State.

non posting. Yeah, well, I mean it’s unbelievable. It’s something I never would imagine. I kind of just came here not really knowing what to expect, but I mean every summer I just worked hard and got better and got better. So I guess it’s a testament to my hard working. I mean I’m excited for it. Where was the? Yeah, I mean, I’d probably say the day after the first season was over with, I really just told myself like I was just gonna give my all if I have a long, I was here and just give the best and I know if I did that, I’d be pretty good. Yeah. Um, I’m definitely going for um, it sucks that I went out to you via game because then I probably could have coasted into it, but I got to really push it tomorrow and that’s definitely what I’m going for obviously to win first, but I want to get the rebound the record in the double double record on that day versus doing it in Syracuse for nobody paying attention. So yeah, yeah. This summer Antwan Jamison, he was here, he was messing with me a little bit, talking a little trash with me and stuff. So that’s one of the guys because obviously he’s one of the greatest players to play here rebound and scores. So I heard from him, I really, I haven’t seen into your hands recently, but I’m definitely mess with him a little bit and then my coaches when I passed him and obviously big man, they always mess with me about it. So um, I really don’t remember but I mean it probably was something along the lines, I’ll never be as good as him or something like that. Mhm I said something to him yesterday about it, told him that I passed him and I’m pretty sure was in less games too. So they know about it game like meat 17 tomorrow. So have you actually count? Yeah, I’ll be looking the whole time. I mean it’s a human thing to do, I wanna get it and I wanna be able to do it at home. So it’s something I’ll be chased for sure and it’s not like I’m out there chasing points. I mean rebounds, that’s effort thing. So I think that’s something that you should want to chase. You mentioned the like a light, but is that what was all that was? Like, honestly I’d probably say my second year for me just because we were so deep of a team, but I just thought like my second year, I just knew how good I was and obviously we had so much talent so we had to play a lot of guys. But like I knew that next year, like going into my third year, I would have a really big year just because I did all that in like such a small amount of playing time just because we had so many great beers and I just knew like I was watching other guys around the country and I’m like, I know I’m a lot better than them, but obviously I didn’t have as much of the opportunity just because we were so talented. Armando is rebounding because of the dirty work it requires. Is that something you have to learn to like or do you think that was always in? I think it was something that was always in me because I really don’t think I’m doing anything special like when I go out there like I’m trying to play Harvard, I’m not like I don’t I don’t know, I guess it’s just something I don’t think about it. I just do it because I don’t think I do anything special. I just guess I got good anticipation and just at the right time at all times. Tyler Hansbrough, sean May Antwan Jamison, Sam Perkins, Mhm Brendan, Haywood, john Henson, I know I’m missing somebody badly. Probably mitch cup check kind of Yeah, I passed him, he was here at that game too. So that was pretty good to pass him too. I would have said something him if I saw him too. Yeah, that was probably my favorite player to watch just because I like the way he played. I thought it was pretty cool just seeing how he would like get the ball at the top of the key and beat other big man off the dribble and score. So that was something that I always try to take him and something I like to do occasionally. So he was definitely probably one of my favorite Biggs to watch relationship with him because he’s been around the team. Yeah, I mean, I can remember my first time playing against him. I really didn’t understand like how physical he was as a player and stuff and I like, I was kind of like in his grill and being trying to be physical with him and then I ended up having to go to the hospital. So that’s when I kinda realized like playing against him a series. Um, I had to get stitches in my mouth. He like busted my mouth all open and ship my teeth and all that. So then that was freshman year, It was during the summer. So then then I quickly realized like when I’m playing against him, I was just chill out. I mean, yeah, it was unintentionally, but it’s just like, y’all know how he played. Like one of those guys where he catch the ball and you and the cylinder, he tried to go through your face. So I quickly realized like kind of back off him and give him his space. No join us, all of us. How do you sort of square, I mean, obviously it’s great that you have your name forever. How do you value that compared to a team? You know what I mean? I would say just kind of where I met with all those accomplishments, I knew it was something that I would get at some point in the season, so it wasn’t nothing like I was kind of chasing because I knew it would eventually come. So I think that’s just the luxury of all that and I mean really like I said, my main goal this year is just to get back to the final four and win the championship. Really? Yeah, I’ve been playing against him since the fourth grade. I mean he’s a big guy that’s that’s really what I can say. Yeah, he’s he’s he’s huge. So I just gotta be smart. I mean luckily I’m pretty strong so I think I’ll be good. I just gotta just not really get in foul trouble and I mean he is crafty, you got good footwork, he can pass the ball so it’ll be fine. I don’t see the kid right there. How are you basically? I’m getting better and better. I’ve been, you know, just attacking it every day and I mean saturday, I think I’ll be at an even better place than I was on Tuesday and I thought I played pretty good on Tuesday and Quentin post he wanted, I think one of the most underrated big just in the country because he got a lot of stuff he can do and him coming off an injury, he getting even more and more healthy and I think on Tuesday he showed that really good, he was so I’m getting better and better. Yeah, he was, I was just kind of poking fun of him but I guess he didn’t take light of it. So it was all good though. It’s about being more aggressive. Yeah. I mean I told him in the press conference, I meant not the press conference. I told him actually after practice yesterday I was just like we just need you to be more aggressive and just don’t feel bad about taking shots and looking for your shot because I’m like everybody else doing that. So I won’t feel bad. And he said he got me. So we’re gonna see you on saturday. I mean nobody’s gonna complain if you take a lot of shots. That’s the type of coach coach. David says he just wants everybody to be aggressive and just instilled that confidence in him and he is a great player. So once we get him just taking more and more volume shot specifically like in the mid post in the post. I mean I think that’s really when you really start to see us trend up even more. He says he’s too nice. Um I guess you could say that. I mean he’s a really good guy. He went to Northwestern. So it’s a good school high character kids. So I think that’s just more what it is mentioned how kill them all the way john ball. No they’re gonna probably still try to get the rebound but I’m gonna make sure I go get it last game. I gave a few rebounds away. But this next game I want you guys ever played pickup with N. C. State, nah. Uh No, never.

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