Driving out darkness with the 36th Division in Sajaiya

“What you can see before you is the destruction of Hamas infrastructure,” Col. Oded Adani tells us as we look toward a row of ruined buildings. “Every building that received fire is one in which we located terrorists. It’s hard fighting, but we’re here and we’re going to destroy them. That’s the mission.” Adani is … Read more

DOJ Belittled: Their Sweetheart, Hunter Biden, Indicted on 9 Felony Counts

Some people reading the breaking news tonight are not all that impressed with Hunter Biden being indicted on 9 counts of tax issues. However, the Republican-led Oversight Committee is making it sound like a feather in their cap. The news broke late on Thursday, and pundits weighed in with scoffing, mostly because it immediately appeared … Read more

Georgia Republicans Pass New House Map That Keeps GOP Advantage Amid Fight Over Minority Representation

Republican lawmakers in Georgia passed a new U.S. House map for the state that largely preserves their electoral advantage after a federal judge tossed out the last electoral map in October. The Georgia House of Representatives voted 98-71 during a special session on Thursday, granting final passage of a redistricting proposal that gives Republicans an … Read more

Israel seeks to undermine the PA, analysts say

Since the start of the war in Gaza on Oct. 7, Israeli officials, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have repeatedly attacked the Palestinian Authority (PA), in parallel with measures on the ground that affect its ability to carry out its responsibilities. For more stories from The Media Line go to themedialine.org On more than … Read more


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